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Established by a group of enthusiastic and aspirational youth during their studies in the United Kingdom, Chuwawah Jewellery™ has a mission to bring joy and deliver happiness from the senders to the recipients. Chuwawah Jewellery™ believes that jewelleries are not only tangible objects, but also symbols of the generous acts and altruism. Back to the beginning, it was rather demanding for the group of young founders to strike a balance between their academic studies and the art of designing and creating jewelleries. Yet, with dedication and devotion, they strived to set up booths in open-air markets in places like Central, Hong Kong during holidays and festivals to introduce their brand to the mass public and interact with even more customers and supporters. With determination and persistence, Chuwawah Jewellery™ has developed into a retailer and wholesaler at the same time.


Upon their graduation in the United Kingdom, two of the Asian designers within the group decided to establish local points of sales in Hong Kong and Taiwan to introduce the brand to jewellery lovers in these two local markets. Even more customers are showing their recognition to the philosophy behind the brand --- jewelleries are the media to spread happiness and the carriers of personal styles and meanings. Celebrating holidays and special occasions with the collections by Chuwawah Jewellery™ can surely multiply joy and happiness. At present, the target market of Chuwawah Jewellery™ includes young female graduates, professionals and office workers. 

In the foreseeable future, Chuwawah Jewellery™ will further expand its brand and establish another production line to reach a wider range of customers, including female students and teenagers, with an aim to promote jewelleries to more youngsters. Jewelleries can be the markers of social status and personal styles. The collections by Chuwawah Jewellery™ can add vibrant colour to energise the life of girls and women.


Baby rose is a sister species of rose, which is the national flower of the United Kingdom. The emblem of Chuwawah Jewellery™ resembles a baby rose. Various promotional products printed with this emblem have been launched, representing the genuine sisterhood fostered among the founders in the UK. The emblem is completed with one stroke, presupposing the notion of consistence and perseverance in delivering high-quality work. Baby rose is petite, yet it blooms all the year around and is ever-growing, which echoes with the brand nature of Chuwawah Jewellery™ --- growing without ceasing and without an end in sight.


Chuwawah Jewellery™ is a jewellery brand which offers chic and elegant jewellery for women in different ages. The 5 essential collections we have are inspired by signature Baby Rose Logo (registered), Forest, Love, Meteor and Ancient Europe. Besides, we also have some daily items for casual/ work occasions. At last but not least, we also provide hand-made pearl jewellery and bride jewellery for customers who has special needs.

Our brand not only values the design of jewellery; but also the quality. Thus, it usually take months to compete one design. Our materials are well-selected and majority of our jewellery are gold plated with 925sterling sliver (Nickel Free). It can highly reduce the chance to get allergy.

In order to increasing customer shopping motivation,  we guarantee FREE warranty for the first year after customers purchased. Customers can enjoy pleasant shopping experience without any worry. 

We aim to offer one more choices for women who are looking for timeless and eye-catching jewellery pieces. We belief wearing jewellery can enhance personal image and improve self-confidence in certain ways.

Diffusion line is now also available in online shop